Talon: An Action Adventure Series
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When the British government approaches the Global Corporation about stemming the flow of human trafficking across the globe, Hank Jones turns to Mary Thurston to form a team right for the job. The end result is a motley crew of outcasts, dismissed by the world but armed with exceptional talent and indomitable spirit. Led by disgraced German Intelligence officer Anja Meyer and SAS reject Jacob Hawk, the team is autonomous, utilizing the full force of the Global Corporation and its resources as they trek across different continents in pursuit of their elusive foe—a worldwide phenomenon known as Medusa. Armed with the extensive resources of the Global Corporation, their operation spans across continents, defying danger at every turn. In this thrilling blend of war, action, and adventure, read along as hardened soldiers face off against a ruthless enemy, discover unconventional methods, seek personal redemption, and experience a relentless pursuit of justice. Talon isn’t just military pulp fiction—it's a gritty, high-stakes war against the dark underbelly of society.