Tempting the Billionaire
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He’s my brother’s best friend and all I’ve ever wanted is a taste.
For my eighteenth birthday I wished for a birthday kiss from Stirling Hartford, my older brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, he only ever saw me as his friend’s annoying little sister. He broke my heart that night, whether he knew or not.
Years later and my heart’s broken again, and there’s no one else to turn to except him.

She’s my best friend’s little sister, and I wish things were different.
I don’t care how tempting Audrey Davenport is, she’s still my overprotective best friend’s sister. I made a promise to him years ago I would never cross the line with her. It was easy to make that promise then when we were teens, but now she’s all grown up and I’m finding it hard to understand why I ever agreed to such a thing.
Especially after the night she crawls into my bed…

…Tempting me.