The Ace’s Bounty: The Barber Brothers’ First Adventure
This novel captures the reader from the first paragraph, and it was hard to put this one down. Traditional Western readers should love this novel with its good pacing, plenty of action, and a hint of romance. --Ron Schwab, bestselling author of Old Dogs, The Accidental Sheriff, and other classic Westerns. In the aftermath of the Civil War, brothers Elijah and Moses Barber return home, haunted by shadows of the past. Once fierce cavalrymen, their transition to civilian life is marred by poverty, loss, and a hostile reception from a town that remembers their wartime deeds with mixed emotions. With their farm failing and prospects dwindling, the Barbers possess little more than a set of lethal skills—horseback riding, sharpshooting, and tracking the lawless. Their fate takes a fateful twist when an enigmatic, one-armed U.S. Marshal offers them a perilous opportunity. For Moses, it's a chance to harness their deadly talents and secure a livelihood; for Elijah, it's a desperate attempt to leave their past behind. But when they discover their target is a criminal from their own haunted history, the mission becomes a dark journey fueled by justice and an unquenchable thirst for revenge. Now, as the brothers grapple with their complicated relationship, reconcile with a childhood mentor, and question the true identity of the mysterious U.S. Marshal, they must traverse treacherous terrain, both external and within, to find the peace and prosperity that has eluded them since the war's end. Acclaimed Civil War author Jason B. Baker masterfully thrusts his characters into a historical backdrop, crafting a pulse-pounding Western-style epic of justice, redemption, and relentless pursuit. Embark on a gripping crime adventure where bullets fly and vengeance knows no bounds.