The ALPHA Trial

The ALPHA Trial by Lian Skaf


Andy Hartley is a solo attorney working on the wrong side of the Hudson River and he has his moral high ground to thank for it. The past few decades have been very lucrative for big law firms in major markets like New York City, raking in “med mole” money from one of history’s most catastrophic medical failures. Of course, Andy resisted the lure, opting to avoid the muck in exchange for meager returns. Due in part to his clean hands, Andy now has the chance to litigate the fallout of the controversial “Unlock” procedure with the highest stakes imaginable: his client’s life. Pushed through Congress and rubber stamped by the FDA, Unlock was a groundbreaking medical innovation that raised unfathomable abilities from brain cells that had previously laid dormant. Unlocked patients, referred to by many as “moles” for their propensity to meet in society’s shadows, accessed senses humans never could before and harnessed new propensities to overcome natural, human limits. It wasn’t long before the Unlocks went wrong as moles channeled their increasing paranoia into violence. Eventually, society fought back with the “Affirmation of Liberty and Protection of Humanity Act,” or ALPHA. A law written with the purpose of eradicating the unintended consequences of Unlock, ALPHA did what it promised, eliminating all moles. It wasn’t until years later that Jordan Semanter reappeared. Once just the fourth son of polarizing Congresswoman and champion of the Unlock movement Elizabeth Semanter, Jordan now has his own notorious identity. He is the last known living mole. The trial of Jordan Semanter takes society back to a time it was happy to forget and it’s Andy’s job to make the world remember. Andy has only himself and his hodgepodge legal team to take on Deputy U.S. Attorney Frank Guild – a former soldier and amputee survivor of the largest mole attack - and prove to twelve jurors that Jordan is more than a mole. Andy must prove that Jordan is human.