The case of the Antiquities Collector: A Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mysteries Book 4 (A Joey Mancuso, Father O’Brian Crime Mystery)
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The Case of the Antiquities Collector: A Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Crime Mystery (Volume 4) by Owen Parr is a first-class crime thriller with memorable characters; a rollicking ride involving crime, abduction, and a gritty investigation. Aaron Drucker is a very rich man whose daughter, Gavi, gets kidnapped. Retired NYPD homicide detective Joey Mancuso and Father Dominic O'Brian, his half-brother, are hired to investigate the abduction. The initial premise of the investigators that this could be a kidnap for ransom quickly dissipates as they uncover more crucial evidence, and as they encounter the FBI and other agencies digging where the investigation leads them. It could be something even greater than anything they had imagined and how involved is Aaron Drucker? The closer they get to the truth, the more they discover that a powerful underground group is determined to stop them and protect a very lucrative business, and this could also mean murder.