The Catalogued Corpse
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The Catalogued Corpse by D.S. Lang

A small-town college campus during the Roaring Twenties seems idyllic, but the death of a professor has a librarian turning amateur sleuth. College librarian Doro Banyon discovers the body of her nemesis, Professor Hemet Corlon, near the card catalogues when she arrives for work. Evidence points to a terrible accident, but the new school security officer disagrees. Doro soon falls under suspicion—and she isn’t alone. More than one person wanted to see an end to the professor, whose old-fashioned ideas about a woman’s place is at odds with the new values of America in the 1920s. But who made his departure permanent? In seeking answers, Doro joins forces with her best friend to solve the mystery of the catalogued corpse, while the security officer also gets involved.