The Craving
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The Craving by Jean Saxby


‘The Craving’, J F Saxby, is a multi-award winning, split-time Christian romance and a novel for today.

A masterpiece.

Compelling reading experience.

Highly recommended!

Absolutely loved this.

Mindboggling!—Amazon reviews

Will Sutherland saves a girl from a falling beam in a music concert accident and is plunged into a coma. Finding himself in another world, Will battles addiction and revenge and longs to go home to Aporto Bay.

Meanwhile, Erin, the girl Will saved, visits him in the hospital coma ward, desperate for him to wake up. Will takes a breathtaking journey to find the truth of his life. The extraordinary settings, remarkable characters, and allegory give this book many layers to explore. ‘The Craving’ is rich with twists and turns in an explosive mix of contemporary and fantasy worlds.