The Edge of Fear
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The Edge of Fear by Maura Beth Brennan


When you have everything you always wanted, you have everything to lose.

After years of struggling to overcome her tragic childhood, Hattie has the life of her dreams--her adored husband, Eli, her precious little daughter, Lilly, a beautiful home, and more money than she ever dreamed possible. But lately, a feeling nags at her, a sense of something not quite right. Is this just her imagination? Hattie's family and her best friend, Celine, keep telling her that it is.

Meanwhile Hattie's ex-husband, Frank, has learned of Hattie's good fortune and it's eating away at him. He comes up with a plan to get some of Hattie's windfall for himself--a plan that will shatter Hattie's life and bring about her worst nightmare. That's when Hattie notices odd things happening. Small things at first--but the incidents escalate, until finally the unthinkable happens.

Hattie does everything the police advise her to do. But as time passes and her life crumbles around her, it seems everyone fails her--law enforcement, a private detective, even her husband. Why has Eli suddenly gone off and left her to struggle with this alone?

Desperate but determined, Hattie decides to take matters into her own hands. Aided by her best friend, Celine, she sets out on a mission. Will she be able to take back what is hers? Or will she lose it all?