The Forgotten Peoples: Irons, Whips, Chains and Shackles: The Slavery and Plight of the Roma Gypsies
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Have you always wondered if there was a lot more to the history of the slave trade than you were ever told? Do you want to discover the roots of the subject, the how and the why that slaves were captured, by whom and for what purpose? In fact why did slavery as a trade ever exist? Did Governments, the church, and others play an active role, and if so, how did they sanction such a cruel and barbaric trade? Do you want to know if there were White and Gypsy Roma slaves, too? Do you want to know who were those figures in history who played a leading role behind this terrible trade? Do you want to discover its real history? If so, then this book is just for you. Ray Wills is a member of the Gypsy Roma Traveller group Kushti Bok. Dip Royal Society of Arts.