The Lake of Miracles
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The Lake of Miracles by Paola Sur


In the land of Lubathar, the human race has been slaved by a powerful wizard. A princess in the land of Molthar should rise and begin a difficult journey entrusted to defeat the wizard and unveil the true meaning of life: dreams.

The constant struggle between good and evil is staged in the land of Lubathar. Agatha, the great sorceress daughter of the sun and the moon, has in her hands the possibility to maintain the equilibrium between those great forces. But a threat puts her task in jeopardy leaving the human beings of the kingdom of Danvar, and the creatures of the dreams of the kingdom of Molthar at the mercy of destiny. An epic fantasy story with magical creatures, diverse characters, original worlds, action, romance, and battles, this epic story travels in time, and invites you to reflect on the capacity of human beings to build their own destiny, and reveal the true meaning of life: dreams.