The Mars Migration
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The Mars Migration by Wayne M. Bailey


Daniel, 17, from the West Midlands in the UK and Amber, 19, from Selkirk in Canada are torn away from their everyday lives, when not far from their homes, two silver spheres crash-land on Earth.
These devices erect a protective field around themselves, affecting everything in their vicinity for twenty miles in all directions. Within these huge areas time slows down to a virtual stop.
Amber and Daniel are the only ones unaffected by the alien technology. Pulled into an unwanted adventure to meet curious beings living in the Dark Space, a system of worlds inside the starless, politically volatile space beyond a black hole. They are then told that they will not be returned home.
Back on earth, the UK and Canada are plunged into chaos. The governments are unable to discern where these anomalies have come from and who is responsible for them, meanwhile the public are rightly concerned about loved ones trapped inside 'The Bubble.'
Most are convinced that this must be terrorism, or perhaps an experiment gone wrong. How long will these countries be held captive like this?
Daniel is curious enough about their adventure through space, but Amber, the sole caretaker of her disabled mother, refuses to stop until they find a way home. Together, they vow to somehow get back to their families and free them from their invisible prison.
When another planet in the Dark Space seeks them out, Amber and Daniel find they must choose a side. The pair are offered a way out of all of this, ensuring they get back home, but they must perform a small favor in return.
People within the Dark Space have become disillusioned with their leader, the Director, and believe there is a way to travel back in time to resolve things, allowing them to move to Mars in the Light Space. Amber and Daniel just may be the key.
Can the people of the Dark Space assist these soon-to-be heroes and finally free themselves from the tyranny of the miserable dark system in the process?
If Amber and Daniel can succeed and free their loved ones, then so will the people of the Dark Space be free to feel the warmth of a star on their skin once more.