The Parade: Apocalypse Survivors
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“Perhaps, like the scars left on the world we live in, the scars left on our species will take decades to heal – centuries even. May I – we – be forgiven for what we have done.” Zoe Carter: Survivor You’ve heard from the heroes. Now get ready for the villains… In the latest instalment of his award-winning Apocalypse Survivors series, Aussie author Matt J Pike returns to where it all began with a new origin story – this one told from the perspective of the bad guys. But when life on earth has been all but wiped out by a comet, simple ideas of good and evil aren’t as simple as they appear. As the comet unleashes an ash cloud over the planet, stealing the sun and bringing on permanent winter, a brutal new era dawns for humanity. In a small corner of the world, in a broken city called Adelaide, a group of survivors gather on The Parade, a resource-rich shopping strip that offers shelter, warmth, water and food. What unites them is the simple desire to survive, what divides them is how far they're prepared to go to make that happen. In the power play for control of this frightening new world, one thing is clear. No one is getting through unscathed! There is no good and bad. Only survival.