The Recruit: Supernaturals Book 2
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The battle on the Brooklyn Bridge should have marked the end of the war.

It was only the beginning.

Donovan has awakened, and though powerless—for now—a plan is set in motion to retrieve what he has lost, all the while making him even stronger.

Ethan and his new Supernaturals friends must hold Donovan at bay and protect the powers at all costs.

If only they knew where they were hidden.

With the aid of a dynamic new recruit, the group is forced to follow a set of cryptic clues in hopes to discover their location before they fall into enemy hands.

After a spy is discovered amongst their ranks, Ethan must find a way to overcome devastating loss and place his faith in those around him, but in a time where friends have become foes and foes have become friends, who can be trusted?

Will Ethan be able to battle the enemies at hand, and conquer the demons within, in order to uncover the mole’s ulterior motives and put a stop to Donovan’s diabolical plans before it is too late?

Or have all the pieces already fallen into place...