The Sixth Kingdom (Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 1)
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Dragons, Magic, and Control of the Wyverns… He who controls the Wyverns, rules the world.  NEW 4 BOOK FANTASY RELEASE!


The College, also known as the Sixth Kingdom, is the center of the world.  In those hallowed halls lie the tomes and archives of all the world’s knowledge, secrets, and wizardry.  For the past millennia, the nobility and privileged classes of the other kingdoms have sent their sons and daughters to the College to prepare them for their roles in ruling and guiding their respective kingdoms. 

Yet not everyone at the College is there to learn.  Some are sent to spy on their peers, others to spy on the College.  Despite the College’s position as the arbiter of world peace, war has been a frequent condition as each kingdom seeks to exert its power over its neighbors.

And then there are the wyverns.

Unbeknownst to all but a select few, the College is also the prison for five resurrected wyverns responsible for the swath of destruction 100 years ago when the great sorcerer Lorcyn decided he wanted to rule the world.  It was only by the combined might of the College’s wizards that Lorcyn was defeated, and the wyverns sealed away forever.

Though few know what happened to the wyverns, far too many know they are still alive.  Both wizards and kings search for them even now.

Into this mix is an unlikely hero, one most reluctant.  In fact, his presence at the College is odd, for he is neither royalty nor of noble heritage.  Truth is, Fiach was taken captive by slavers and sold to the College who quietly absorbed him into the routine of College life.

For Fiach, life was regulated and quite unremarkable as a Wisdom Scholar.  He had spent years working his way to Senior Acolyte level, preparing and waiting for the day that he would be elevated to the coveted Associate Wisdom Master level to join the elite ranks of those who ruled The College.

This is all about to change, for the wyverns have been discovered.