The Sound of Home
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The Sound of Home by Callie Timmins

Returning home never sounded so good. Autumn River was never home for me. Trapped by the prison of my parents’ rules and wealth, I couldn’t wait to escape the small town of my youth to chase my dreams of making music in the city. But when a photo opportunity for a money-hungry journalist captures me at the wrong place at the wrong time, I needed to hide. So, I’ve returned to the town I loathe until the dust settles and my name is no longer stained with controversy. My best friend encourages me to have fun and a fling while I’m back in town—but I’m not here for that. Although, Aaron Reilly, the neighboring rancher, a widower and a single dad, has been nothing but nice to me since rescuing me from the side of the road on my first night in town. He’s kind, generous and easy on the eyes. So, perhaps a little harmless fun won’t hurt after all. But my celebrity status proves to do more harm than good, bursting my bubble of denial and hurting those I’ve become close to, leaving me wondering if a normal life will ever be within my reach. Now I have to decide if what I’ve worked so hard for is worth giving up for something I’ve craved my whole life. The Sound of Home is the first book in the Autumn River series. A celebrity/single dad story full of heartwarming romance.