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Britain, 1900 BC. Stonehenge stands as a unifying monument and temple to the Britons - proud and protective, a shield against foreign invaders wishing to plunder the tin and flint from the land, and intrude on the sacred chalk lands of the Great Plain, home to the Ancestors.
Out of the West comes a leader, Ardhu a young chieftain, tutored by the wise Shaman known as The Merlin. Endowed with totems of power and an ancestral sword from the depths of the sacred river, Ardhu Pendraec assumes the mantle of the Stone Lord, ruler of the Great Trilithon, protector of ancient Britain....
Ardhu takes possession of the Great Temple but his 'Golden Age' of dagger and axe is fleeting, filled with betrayal and deception rife by those closest to him - Morigau, his scheming half-sister, who releases the Boar T'orc to ravage the land, and Fynavir, his wife, whose forbidden passion for the bronze stranger An'kelet may bring down all the young King has worked to attain.