The Summer Getaway: An Age Gap Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Forbidden Temptations)
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My boss hired me to care for his daughters. 

Instead, he ended up babysitting me. 

Well, not exactly but it’s as complicated. 


Henry Fairfield makes me want to break all the rules. 

First, I slept with him. 

Then I fell in love with him. 

And now… I’m in trouble. 


He’s older than me, oh-so-wrong and completely forbidden.

And he’s my boss, which means that I could lose my job. 

Along with my sanity if he breaks my heart. 


But the one thing he wouldn’t do is let me get into trouble. 

My toxic ex will stop at nothing until he destroys me. 


Someone stopped him. 

And I have a feeling that Henry will fight for my safety. 

But will he also fight for my heart?