The Traveler

The Traveler by Deborah Dugan


Humans believe First Contact would happen by extraterrestrials coming to Earth, or by humans going into space.

But… what if they’re wrong?

A no-nonsense structural engineer takes the world for granted and gives little to nothing of himself to others. He prefers the distance it provides, until one chance meeting with the Traveler changes everything. Now Tristan has some hard lessons to learn and a few inner demons to conquer. Will he be able to step outside himself and see "the other" as they truly are?

As old as the galaxies themselves, the Traveler has taken on many bodily forms. For every first contact, it becomes increasingly more intricate than the last and equally as dangerous. With every encounter, the Traveler moves toward greater knowledge and power, but often, it is filled with anguish and despair. Occasionally, a chance meeting comes along and brings the undeniable pleasures of joy and love. What will it experience with Tristan?

This isn't your typical sci-fi story. As you turn the pages, be prepared to go on a journey like never before. Jump through time and ride along as the Traveler takes you through one adventure after another in this fantasy-filled voyage.