The Visitant
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The Visitant by Kathleen O'Neal Gear

New York Times bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear premiere a captivating new mystery series packed with ancient myth. Archaeologist Dusty Stewart finds himself diving into a chilling excavation of an ancient massacre site when the echoes of an eight-hundred-year-old mystery reverberate, leaving tantalizing clues in its wake. But Dusty’s expertise is not enough to decode the brutality etched into the remains, and—in a twist of fate—his nemesis is summoned to aid in deciphering the cryptic puzzle. When Dr. Maureen Cole arrives at the scene just as a formidable artifact surfaces—the basilisk, a symbol of witches and the hidden realm of duplicity—her task is to trace an ancient blood trail, a path laden with betrayal and madness. Drawing on her anthropological expertise, Maureen embarks on a quest to unveil the truth behind the heinous crime that has remained shrouded for centuries. But the horrors of the past have a way of intertwining with the present. Across time, in the shadowy expanse of Hillside Village, a primeval monster known as Two Hearts lurks, moving invisibly through the Katsinas’ People and casting a sinister shadow. And when War Chief Browser discovers his wife’s brutal murder at its hands, he vows to end the methodical killer’s reign by any means necessary—and uncover its terrifying secret once and for all. Can Dusty and Maureen piece together the puzzle before the malevolent forces that span centuries ensnare them?