The Wild Mustang & The Dancing Fairy: A St. Mary’s Rebels Novella
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Calliope Thorne is a good girl. A straight-A student, a rule follower, and an aspiring ballerina. 

But most of all, she’s a good sister to her four older brothers. 

Brothers whom she loves and adores to pieces. Brothers who love and adore her to pieces in return. 

And who hate just one and one thing only–Reed Jackson. 

Rich, arrogant, and the most popular guy at Bardstown High, Reed is Callie’s brothers’ enemy and she has sworn to stay away from him. 

Until one night when she wanders into the woods and finds herself in his clutches. A villain with pretty gray eyes and a seductive smirk.

Until he asks her to dance for him with a look in those eyes that makes her forget why falling for her brothers’ enemy is a bad idea.

NOTE: This is a 40,000-word prequel novella for A GORGEOUS VILLAIN. The story concludes in A GORGEOUS VILLAIN.