TRASH: A Women’s Contemporary Fiction Romance Suspense Standalone

Her life was never supposed to be like this.

And for Colleen Richardson, anyone who crosses her path is constantly reminded of it. But the people who are responsible for bringing her into this world are no longer here, and haven't been since she was a year old.

Since her existence, she's felt cheated and lonely in a world that is cold, uncaring, and unforgiving, and ends up having to do things she never thought she had to do just to survive in it, but she wants to do more than just survive.

She wants to change her life into the life that once was—a life she never got to experience—but it's definitely easier said than done.

But she's ready and willing to try and make it work, and has no idea that this journey for a better life may be even tougher than the life she lives now, and along the way, she ends up making a mind-blowing discovery she never sees coming.

This is a story about finding one's self, searching for answers, a possibility of true love, and ultimate forgiveness.