Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine, 2nd edition
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"Avery Breyer helped me double my income. Listen to what she tells you. She knows her stuff." Peter Bahi Newly updated and expanded for 2023! Learn the tactics I used to earn as much as $60 per hour of my time, with nothing more than a computer and internet connection—no prior experience required! Want to know how I did it? And don’t worry—I’m not about to tell you to write books, become a blogger, build websites, join an MLM, fill out a pile of mind-numbing surveys, sell stuff on eBay, or bug your friends by trying to sell things to them. My system is much easier to get up and running - it can be set up within 1 week—and can put cash in your pocket a lot sooner than most of those other options, plus has little to no start-up costs. Imagine if you could make money on YOUR terms, and... • work when you want, where you want • set your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility that goes with it • finally have the extra cash you need to afford a few luxuries in your monthly budget • take time off whenever you want, without having to beg for permission from your boss and arrange for it weeks or months in advance • double, triple, or quadruple your hourly wage once you learn to be more efficient at your work, rather than having your boss reward you with more work and zero extra pay This book will teach you my method for building an online income that can provide all that, and more. Forget getting another job—work for yourself on YOUR terms instead! Although my hourly earnings may not be typical, I'm completely convinced that the average person can have success and significantly boost their income by doing what I've done. Join me! I’ve used this system to work all over the world, including my couch in North American suburbia, an exotic villa in Bali, and even a cozy coffee shop overlooking a bustling marina in the tropics. How many JOBS can offer you that kind of flexibility? Whether you want to top up your income, or you're looking for a complete income replacement, read this book to see how my techniques can be part of creating your dream life! If you’re looking for a flexible side hustle, or you dream of running your own biz full-time, you should read this book. I know this system works, because I continue to test it even now. Think you will work from home in 2023? Then you've got to take action to make it happen. Want to know the real reason I'm sharing all this with you? Here's the truth. I'm really excited about the results I've seen with the techniques you'll learn about in this book—wouldn't you be if you were in my shoes? And I'd love for you to have a chance to have some of that success for yourself. Finally, I'm confident there are enough opportunities for all of us. Keep in mind that I don't believe in "get rich quick" schemes, and neither should you! But I know plenty of people for whom a willingness to learn combined with effort, has paid off enormously. Want to be next? Buy this book on Amazon or your favorite retailer!