Used: Not a Memoir
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Used: Not a Memoir by Sloane Ellis


     When you always live an authentic life, you never have to keep your story straight. When Sloane woke up with searing pain and half the skin on his left foot shorn off, he could not remember why.  As a pathological liar with a short memory afforded by drug and alcohol addiction, keeping his story straight was like navigating the terror and thrills of the roller coaster he had been on most of his life.

     This is not a memoir about the disease of addiction and its fallout. This is not an autobiography of a man who gave up everything for just one thing nor is it an account of love and loss and the refusal to see what is right in front of you until it is too late. This is not a story of redemption, of having your rises outnumber your falls by one, nor is it a tale of finally finding a way to live without wanting to die.

     With the indelible mortality of an obituary, 'Used' is a brutally honest chronicle of Sloane's search for a solution to the puzzle of an uncommon life he kept breaking apart.  In this self-styled "memory dump," the contours of a new life emerged, distilled though multiple relapses and attempts at recovery, into actionable life lessons.