Veiled Devotion: A Paranormal Vampire Romance
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**Can be read as a standalone**


Ever since I gained the ability to sense others’ emotions, it’s been a curse that’s followed me. I can’t escape the sorrow, the anger, the disappointment; the torment of emotion in the people I see.

It’s been a curse until I found someone who needs me.

Her fear was so thick, suffocating, I couldn’t look away. And I knew I had to help her.

Even if it meant going up against another vampire.

He had hurt her, held her captive, traumatized her for months. Though I saved her from danger, would she ever trust me?


I’d nearly given up hope. Taken by a vampire and cruelly abused, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined another of his kind saving me.

I’m afraid to trust Roman, but how can I not? He found me, helped me escape, and cared for me with a tenderness I never expected.

He said he’d protect me, but for how long? And what will he risk?

Because the vampire I escaped from is still coming for me.


After a terrible betrayal, I avoided all women. It wasn’t worth the potential cost. Until I met Grace, and realized she’s the one I’ve been waiting for.

But she’s not out of danger, and she’s still wary of everything involving vampires.

I have to figure out a way to keep her safe, and somehow win over her heart.