Veterans Code

Veterans Code by Test

Edgar Bryce finds himself lost on a journey he never planned. Years after the end of a massive war with an alien race called the xinthal, he’s struggled to find some inner peace. Odd jobs have taken him across the galaxy, a loner in the darkness constantly staying ahead of his own thoughts, doubts, and guilt. With no real future, no sense of purpose, he seems destined to wander for the rest of his days. Until a strange signal interrupts a simple prospecting job. A message comes in from a group of POWs lost behind enemy lines. The treaty ensured all prisoners on both sides would be returned. This is proof the xinthal failed to live up to their end of the bargain, holding nearly two hundred men and women unlawfully. The obvious solution carries complications. Rescuing them may well fire up hostilities between the human Federation and the Xinthal Empire. Edgar wrestles with his conscience, not to mention a sacred duty that outlasted his service to the military. The authorities may not be able to offer aid, which means a private citizen with nothing to lose will have to do the unthinkable. Form a team, cross the border, and save the people himself.