War Origin
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War Origin by C.G. Harris


A duck, a motorcycle gang and a voodoo princess walk into a bar in Hell... No punchline, just life in The Nine.

When Gabe’s partner, Alex, takes a turn towards the good guys, it doesn’t mean life in The Nine gets better for him. His soul is leaking like the head gasket on an old Ford and he learns there are even worse ways to spend his time than being sent to the Gnashing Fields to swim laps in the Sulfur Pools. Every Demon in the underworld is out to slurp up his oozing essence and if he can’t seal the seepage his struggles as a double agent in the Judas agency will be the least of his worries.

Things have not slowed down topside either. Street gangs have organized in the U.S. and are on the warpath against the political machine. They tear at the very fabric of American society, forcing neighbors and families to choose sides against one another. Gabe must stop the senseless slaughter, or the United States might find it is no longer united.

If you like snarky characters and dark humor, then you’ll love War Origin, the Fourth book in the action-packed Judas Files series. Series now complete.