When the boys come out to play
Izzy: They say a girl's first love is the one she remembers the most. The one that makes her and the one that breaks her. Lincoln James was my entire world. My protector. My best friend. My every breath. Until he wasn't. Twelve years later, he casually strolls back into my life. But the boy who owned my heart is nowhere to be seen. He hates me and I have no idea why. Devastatingly handsome is only skin deep, when the one you gave your soul to wants to shatter you into a million pieces. Linc: They say your past doesn't define you. But I call bullshit. My past definitely defines the asshole I've become. The day my folks died. The day my brothers and I were thrown into the foster system as if we didn't matter. And most importantly the day my best friend allowed it to happen. Isabella Dawson held my heart in her hands. Every beat was hers. The girl I was going to marry. Now? Now Phoenix, Hunt and I are back. And we want blood. Hers to be exact. Run...