Where the Stars Lead
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Where the Stars Lead by Mia Pride


Falling through time was part of her plan. Falling for him was out of the question.


Growing up an orphan, the only family Emilie Wilshire ever had was her best friend, Caitriona. But ever since Cait fell through the veil of time, Emilie’s attempts to follow have fallen flat. The same cave that pulled her friend through rejects Emilie every time. Now she’ll never see Cait again or meet her son, Lucas. Living alone in a small flat in the heart of Edinburgh, Emilie works as a tour guide and spends her nights researching her geology, making a fascinating discovery: she is a descendant of Caitriona’s son.

After leading a tour of Edinburgh’s haunted underground vaults, a terrifying encounter leaves Emilie with a head injury. When she awakens, she finds herself in another place and time — Cait’s time. However, Emilie’s reunion with Cait is compromised when she discovers why she was sent back in time: Lucas is in danger, and only Emilie can save him. If she fails, her entire family line disappears—including herself.

686 AD

Goodwin Mac Dougal has long been satisfied with his life as a warrior, guard to the royal family, best friend to the king, and casual relationships with women. But ever since King Brodyn fell in love with a woman from the future, Goodwin has been restless, seeking more from life than fighting enemies and meaningless encounters with women. But in this wee village, no lass strikes his fancy.

When a strange woman arrives, bound and slung across another warrior’s horse, Goodwin is immediately drawn to this mysterious woman—and he knows that wherever she is from, it is not the year 686. She claims to know Queen Caitriona, and Goodwin recognizes her odd ways. Emilie, a beauty unlike any other, is from the future.

Though she has a bonny face, her arrival means danger looms. When he’s tasked with guarding her, Goodwin must also guard his heart, for she will return home soon, and their intense connection may be more dangerous than the enemy lying in their midst.

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