Whispers in the attic
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Whispers in the attic by Sabine Frisch

A paranormal cozy mystery set in the charming New England village of Rosewood Hollow. Sarah Anderson, a resilient single mother, moves with her children, Emma and Cory, into a haunted Victorian house. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they adopt Pixie, a magical Papillon dog who becomes the source of joy for the family. As they settle into their new home, strange occurrences unsettle them, and Pixie reveals some very interesting characteristics. Driven by curiosity and a desire to uncover hidden secrets, Sarah and her children embark on a thrilling journey. With the help of a charismatic historian named Matthew, they unravel the Lumarian legacy connected to the house. As their bond with Pixie grows, they discover the significance of the Luminus Crystal, a powerful artifact sought by dark forces lurking in the shadows. Amidst their paranormal investigations, the Anderson family faces personal challenges and conflicts. Emma and Cory find solace and growth through their connection with Pixie, while Sarah navigates her romantic prospects and reevaluates her priorities. As they confront the malevolent presence threatening their newfound happiness, their unity and resilience are put to the test.