Who’s After Josie Malone?
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How can a metronome and a random explosion upset a ho-hum routine?

The orphaned only-child of only-child parents, Josie Malone works at the Department of Licensing, pets her cat, and eats frozen dinners most nights, never suspecting danger had been stalking her for years. In general, her life was like Groundhog Day, never varying, until the day her house blew up. With the help of Dan, the police chief 
(and de facto fire chief until the next election—Mayburn’s a small town), Josie embarks on a journey back into her childhood to find out what made her parents leave all they knew behind and, along the way, learn who she really is.

Deciphering cryptic clues left by Father, can Josie reach the joyous destiny she’d never dreamed of before a man bent on murder crosses her path?

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