Winds of Change Box Set
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Winds of Change Box Set by Kristen Fraser

A journey of new beginnings for the Tolbrook family as God makes something beautiful from something broken. After the death of her husband, Sandra Tolbrook is lost. When her children encourage her to sell the family home and move into an over-50's retirement resort, life takes an unexpected turn when she meets the resort's most eligible bachelor - Damien Kensington. Embarking on a road trip together, exploring beautiful parts of the Australian east coast, was never something Sandra imagined for herself. But God always has other plans, and time on the road with Damien - discovering a wonderful friendship, a deeper faith, and an abandoned house, might just be the answer to Sandra’s prayers. Abigail Tolbrook is the eldest of the Tolbrook siblings. She's determined, driven, and career-focused. On paper, she's the epitome of success, but beneath the surface, she's empty. A chance meeting with an old flame, and a scandal at the company she works for, makes her question her life choices, and makes her wonder if there could possibly be more to life than she originally planned. Brad Tolbrook is the middle child and black sheep of the family. Since his father and confidant died, he's been lost. Aimless. Unmotivated. He has withdrawn from his family, and built walls around his heart to prevent anyone from getting close. With a struggling business, unchecked emotions and some unhealthy coping mechanisms, his world is crumbling around him. Everything he touches turns to ruin, and he's on the brink of giving up. Even his relationships are complicated, and some unexpected news proves how much of a disappointment he is to his family. But could this be the turning point for Brad? Is it possible to find joy amidst the ruins of his life? Can one life have the power to completely turn his around? Sophie Tolbrook is feisty and fun, and flits from one relationship to the next. As a nurse, she thrives on making her patients smile and bringing joy into the midst of their despair. Which is why she can't understand why Dr Kye Marshall is so sour all the time. Why he walks around carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. No patient wants to be treated by a grumpy doctor. And no nurse should have to put up with him being so moody. Working together in an emergency clinic, and being thrown together in a natural disaster, Sophie is determined to make Dr Grumpy-pants smile. Will she crack through his brooding facade? Or will Dr Marshall's burden be too much for Sophie to handle? This box set contains all four books from The Winds of Change Series, a set of contemporary Christian romance novels set in Australia. If you like uplifting, redemptive stories with real-life issues and relatable characters, then you'll love this inspirational series of family, love, and faith.