With Love, Ruthie: A Southern Christmas Novel
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It's November of 1965, and Ruthie's life in the tiny Appalachian Mountain town of Dry Falls, NC, is always challenging. Still, when Christmas rolls around, she's determined to make it memorable for her children and neighbors at Holiday Hill Travel Park. In desperation, Ruthie takes her best friend Leona's advice and writes a letter to Santa Claus, never expecting him to arrive at Jerry's Diner. Over the next twelve days, Ruthie faces moral dilemmas, takes desperate measures, and risks her future to make her idea of Christmas and Santa Claus a reality. But when the whirlwind of Christmas is over, Ruthie finds herself unprepared for the heartbreak that awaits her. You'll love seeing if Christmas comes to Holiday Hill Travel Park—a heartwarming story of the power of hope, love, and the strength of family and friendship. Will Ruthie’s Holiday wishes come true?