Wuhan 2019: A Novel on Dangerous Games in China
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When 10,000 athletes from around the world descend on the city of Wuhan for the Military World Games, no one realizes the danger. Dissidents see the Olympic-styled games as an opportunity to strike. And young volunteers form an unlikely partnership to try and stop them. At center of the plot is the Tsagaan Khas, a group bent on fulfilling an ancient prophesy by a Mongol shaman. The struggle to stop these terrorists goes from 2,000-year-old Yellow Crane Tower to the pangolin pens of Huanan market.
Wuhan 2019 also explores the culture of one of China’s fastest-growing cities and the splendor of East Lake Greenway. It contrasts the good nature and wit of the Chinese people with overbearing government surveillance, sophisticated retinal scanning and an internet firewall of censorship. It takes readers from the scenic caves of southern China to the emperor’s summer palace in Manchuria, along the docks of Canton, into the gambling casinos of Macau, to the Hubei Public Security Bureau where a coverup is ordered.