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Online Course Creation:

Learn How To…

Decide on a course topic that your audience will most likely buy

Step by step method to prepare your course, so you will spend your time productively, and create something of real value for your audience

Software & Hardware tools for course creation

Ideas for promoting your course

Course marketing checklist

How to deliver the course in an enjoyable way, so you will be inspired to keep creating courses…

Access to Private Facebook Group

Much, much more!

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How To Create Online Courses & Promote Them Authentically To Grow Your Impact & Income by George Kao

Self Publishing:

Self Publishing 101: Mark Dawson’s self publishing course will teach you:

How to format your books and get great covers
How to publish to all major ebook platforms
Find your perfect readers…
Automating your ebook marketing
Facebook ads for authors
Turn your readers into fans..
And most importantly – sell more books!

Simple Book Creation: How to Joyfully Write, Edit and Self-Publish Your Books!


How to come up with book ideas – Validate your book ideas in the marketplace – How to joyfully write a book – Book cover design – Self publishing to Kindle, paperback and audio book – Marketing tips and more…

3 hours of training videos, audio versions, resource guide, private course directory and bonus group Q&A calls.

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George Kao’s Facebook Marketing Course – Learn how to authentically market your ebooks (or anything) with this incredible Facebook Marketing course.

Includes 6 hours of training videos, complete audio versions of training, 60 page resource guide, private course directory, 3 bonus group Q&A calls and more.

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Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors




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